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Difficulties in working from home in Afghanistan

By Ahmad Saeed Aslam

Published on March 26, 2020

With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting human lives on a global scale; governments have taken strict measures in order to ensure the safety of its people.

So far over 519,766 have been infected with this virus, with over 23,586 fatalities (26 March 2020, 18:39 GMT). The outbreak of the virus was first report in the Wuhan city of China; where over 81,285 have been infected till date, of which 3,287 have lost their lives to this virus; however, China has stated that no new cases have been identified in the past few days, and those who have been tested positive for Covid-19, have actually arrived in China from other countries.

Currently the epicentre of the virus is in Europe, and more specifically in Italy, where the number of infected people has risen to 80,539 and the number of fatalities till date are 8,215. Apart from Italy; Spain, Germany, UK, USA have also reported rising numbers over the past few days as well.

In order to flatten the curve, governments have taken measures to encourage people to stay at home, for instance India recently announced a nationwide lockdown till 15 April 2020.

Currently it has been reported that there are a total of 94 people infected with Covid-19 in Afghanistan, with 2 fatalities; however, with the limited testing kits and lack of resources, it is probable that the real numbers are a lot higher. Afghanistan, has a border with Iran, which is one hardest hit countries in the world: 29,406 infected and 2,234 deaths. Over the past weeks over 115,000 people have crossed the border from Iran to Afghanistan, and this poses an uncertainty on the number of people reported for Afghanistan.

In this difficult time, everybody is required to play their part in flattening the curve and this initiative was taken by Crux Consultants as well; which decided to work from home from 24 March 2020; however, working from home has proven quite difficult for various reasons: due to power outage it has proven very difficult to set up meetings online, since some of the team members are not able to join due to electricity going out multiple times everyday. Today our staff meeting had to be rescheduled three times with the last time being at 9:30 pm; however, due to electricity outages the meeting had to be cancelled and postponed till Saturday morning.

Moreover, in a technologically advanced world, having access to internet might be considered a basic necessity; however, with exceedingly high rates and low quality it is somewhat of a luxury to have access to internet speed that will allow us to have virtual meetings in Afghanistan; yet we stay positive and will continue to do our part in flattening the curve.

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